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Welcome to the official shameless, self-promoting website site of Michael Halperin. Michael Halperin has written numerous television episodes, plays and books. He has also written discerning books for writers searching for insight in the creative process looking to develop their ideas into masterpieces and is available as a consultant. We invite you to pull up a comfortable chair and explore my fascinating site.

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My novel “Flagler’s Island” has been picked up by the British publisher Unbound, shortlisted for The Bookseller Industry Awards Independent Publisher of the Year, 2013 & 2014.  The prestige publisher with an impressive list of authors has one of its books longlisted for the Man Booker Prize.

“Flagler’s Island” is a detective thriller set in Palm Beach, Florida.  P.I. Harry Flagler, a distant relation to the founder of Palm Beach, takes on a weird case:  investigate the death of nineteen polo ponies.  Delving into the arcane world of polo leads him to the unseen, not very tourist friendly underbelly of a town that savors its reputation as a haven for the privileged.  Politics, intrigue, family jealousy, and murder creep from the palm trees and tropical flora of Florida’s vaunted “Island” whose motto is “Best of Everything”.

You have a unique opportunity to see the book come to life.  Unbound is the harbinger for the future of book publishing.  Instead of releasing a novel and hoping readers download or buy a hard copy, they developed a plan whereby those of you who want to read my book based on the chapter supplied, the synopsis and my scintillating promotional video, will pledge a few dollars to get it published.  Since Unbound is in England, your dollars will be changed to pound sterling. Everyone who makes a pledge receives a copy of the book.  The higher the pledge, the better the reward.  Share “Flagler’s Island” with friends and acquaintances.  Check it out.  Go to unbound.co.uk/books/flaglers-island

This holiday season Unbound offers a £10 discount to all subscribers.  Use the code XMAS14 at checkout.